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Suppose each circle is a website, and an arrow is a link from one website to another, such that a user can click on a link within, say, website F to go to website B, but not vice versa. Search engines begin by assuming that each website has an equal chance of being chosen by a user. Next, crawlers examine which websites link to which other websites and guess that websites with more incoming links contain valuable information that users want.

What is an organic search engine

marketing agency?  First of all, let me explain what the term ‘organic search’ refers to.

Organic search results are listings that show up after someone types in a search word or phrase.  These listings appear because of the relevancy to the search term(s) of online users.  In short, these search results are not showing because the user clicked on a paid ad.   Paid ads, such as pay per click (PPC),  form what is called non-organic search results and can be very costly.  For instance, some insurance companies may pay around $35.oo a click opposed to organic search which is free.

Search Engine Internet Marketing Specialist

Some search engine internet marketing specialists have been trained to generate free organic search opposed to paid ads.  This means savings for small businesses who are on a budget and don’t have the funds that a big corporation would have for advertising.

SEO Strategy Development

SEO strategy development is crucial for high local search engine placement using organic search.  Many business owners don’t know how to boost traffic by using organic search results which can increase their sales.  And if they do have an idea of how to do SEO (search engine optimization), many simply don’t have the time or energy it takes while running a business.

How to Get a Business Website

More1.com will show you how to get a business website that is affordable.  If your business does not have a website, you are not alone.  Many local small businesses do not have websites.  And these businesses are missing out on a remarkable amount of potential revenue.   More1 can help your business claim a free service which offers a free page listing.  More1 offers web design Dalton GA  and will help your business get listed on Google Places the free page listing referred to above.

Internet Reputation Management Reviews

Another very important aspect of online marketers is internet reputation management reviews.  Along with online presence is the chance of being reviewed by an online user. Positive reviews are good for a business.  In contrast, the reviewer could be an angry customer, competitor, or malicious individual who has perhaps not even dealt with you or your business in the past.  These types of reviews can be very harmful.

More1.com can help you learn how to get positive reviews from satisfied customers.  And, help correct the bad reviews listed on the internet about you or your business. These reviews can be there even if you don’t have a website.

In addition to the above services, More1.com offers:

  • affordable small business website
  • how to perform local seo for higher ranking
  • how to boost seo traffic for more sales
  • free listings of your business in local search engines
  • small business website help
  • images of your business
  • videos for your business

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